The Compassionate Friends of Greenville, SC maintains a lending library of grief resources that can be checked out. If you have any books that you’ve read that have brought you comfort and healing that you’d like to donate, we will gladly accept them into our library in honor of your child.

Barbour, BatemanPoems for the Healing Journey
Baumgardner, Barbara A Passage Through Grief
Beattie, Melody The Lesson of Love 
Bernall, Misty She Said Yes! (Columbine Student)
Biebel, David and Foster, Susanne Finding Your Way After the Suicide of Someone You Love
Bloomfield, Harold and McWilliams, Colgrove How to Survive the Loss of a Love
Bolton, iris My Son, My Son (healing after death or suicide loss)
Centering Corp. Dear Parents (letters to bereaved parents)
Christenson, Evelyn Gaining through Losing
Claypool, John R Tracks Of A Fellow Struggler
Cleckley, Mary S.I Walked a Mile with Sorrow
Clemons, Barbara Saying Goodbye To Your Grief
Davies, Phyllis Grief - Climb Toward Understanding
Depree, Max Dear Zoe (premature birth - letters)
Dobson, James When God Doesn't Make Sense
Fitzgerald, Helen The Mourning Handbook
Frigo, Fisher & Cook You Can Help Someone Who's Grieving
Froehlich, Mary Ann An Early Journey Home (helping families work through loss)
Gleason, Edward Dying We Live
Golden, Thomas R Swallowed By A Snake (masculine side of healing)
Graham, Billy Hope for the Troubled Heart
Grollman, Earl A Living When a Loved One Has Died
Guntzelman, Joan God Knows You're Grieving
Harness-Overley, Patricia A Message of Hope (surviving the tragedy of suicide)
Haugk, Kenneth C Rebuilding and Remembering
Heavilin, Marilyn Willett Roses in December 
HickmanI Will Not Leave you Desolate
Hickman, Martha Whitmore Healing After Loss (daily meditations)
Hipp, Earl Help for the Hard Times
Horsley, Dr. Gloria and Horsley, Dr. HeidiInspirational Stories of Healing After Loss
James, John W and Cherry, Frank The Grief Recovery Handbook
JeffreyHeaven, the Mystery of Angels
Jensen, Amy H Healing Grief
Jewett, Claudia Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss
Johnson, Barbara So, Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy
Johnson, Joy and Marv Grief :  What It Is and What You Can Do
Johnson, LD The Morning After Death (a father's grief)
Kalish, richard A Death, Grief and Caring Relationships
Karnes, Barbara My Friend, I Care
Katafiasz, Karen Grief Therapy
Keaggy, Bernadette A Deeper Shade of Grace
Kennedy, Alexandra Your Loved One Lives On Within You
Kolf, June Cerza When Will I Stop Hurting?
Krauss, Pesech Why Me?
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth On Children and Death
Kushner, Harold S When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Landorf, Joyce Mourning Song
Levan, Elizabeth When Men Grieve
Lewis, C.S. A Grief Observed
Lord, Janice Harris No Time for Goodbyes
Louden, Jennifer  The Woman's Comfort Book
Marshall, BethA Time to Heal, A Grief Journal
McClafferty, Carla Killough Forgiving God
McCracken, Anne and Semel, Mary A Broken Heart Still Beats
McKendree, Diana The Spiral of Grief
Menten, Ted Where is Heaven? (children's wisdom on facing death)
Mercer, Barbara B We Weren't Finished Being Parents (loss of only child)
Merin, Barbara Rothe Quest for Life
Mitchell, Ellen Beyond Tears
Mitsch & BrooksideGrieving the Loss of Someone you Love
Monroe, Robin Prince In This Very Hour (devotions)
Moody, Raymond & Arcangel Life After Loss
Moore, Thomas Dark Night of the Soul
Morse, Melvin Embraced By The Light
Mumford, Amy Ross It Hurts to Lose a Special Person
O'Reilly The Nicholas Effect
Price, Eugenia Getting Through the Night
Rosof, Brabara D The Worst Loss
Schiff, Harriett Sarnuff The Bereaved Parent
Schrag, Mort Recovering From Your Child's Suicide
Schuller, Robert A What Happens to Good People When Bad Things Happen
Schwiebert, Pat and Deklyen, Chuck Tear Soup
Sims, Darcie D Why Are The Casseroles Always Tuna?
Sisson, Ruth Moving Beyond Grief
Smith, Harold Ivan A Decembered Grief
Smith-Greer, Becky Keepsakes for the Heart
Snow, Barbara Promise of Spring
Soder-Alderfen, Kay With Those Who Grieve - 20 grief survivors share their stories
Staudacher, Carol Beyond Grief
Staudacher, Carol A Time To Grieve
Steel, Danielle His Bright Light (story of her son'ss death - Nick Traina)
Stevenson, Nancy and Straffon, Cary When Your Child Dies
Sumrall, Lester You Can Conquer Grief Before It Conquers You
Tatelbaum, Judy The Courage To Grieve
Taylor, Rick When Life is Changed Forever
The Bible League God Understands
Theisen, Donna and Matera, Dary Childlight
Van Praagh, James Healing Grief
Vanderbilt, Glorisa A Mother's Story (loss of son Carter at age 23)
Vechten, BD Van The First Year of Forever (death of a son)
Waldman, Jackie and Dworkis, Janis The Courage To Give
Walsh, John Tears of Rage
Westberg, Granger E  Good Grief
Whaley, ShirleyChris' Miracle
White, Mary A Harsh Grief, Gentle   Hope
Wiersbe, Daniel W Gone But Not Lost
Wolfelt, Alan D The Understanding Your Grief Journal
Woodson, Meg Making it Through the Toughest Days of Grief (holidays)
Wunnenberg, Kathe Grieving the Loss of a Loved One (infant)
Ziglar, Zig Confessions of a Grieving Christian (loss of daughter)
Zukav, GaryThe Seat of the Soul
Zunin, Leonard M., M.D. and Zunin, Hilary StantonThe Art of Condolence