A Note on our Privacy Policy

According to the principles of The Compassionate Friends “We treat what is said at meetings as confidential and what we learn about each other as privileged information.”

Out of respect to this principle, and to protect the privacy of our members, the Greenville Area Chapter of the TCF abide by the following guidelines:

We include children’s names on the memorial page of our website at the request and/or approval of individual families. To submit any additions or corrections to our website please email tcfofgreenville@gmail.com. Doing so will be considered written approval for posting your child's name and/or linking to a website with photos of your child. Due to identity theft problems you may submit a birth month or birth year (or death month or year of death), but the actual date of birth or death is not to be included. We do not include addresses, phone numbers or cause of death.
We do not post love gifts on our web site.

Our mailing list (email and regular mail) is used for TCF purposes only and is not released or sold to any outside agency.